"The Union Aid Society is far more than
           a community safety net, it is a beacon of hope."
— Quaker Valley Student

          "I have never had to ask for assistance in the past,
          your knowledge and guidance has been so helpful.
          I am grateful for your help, and appreciate all
          the work that you do."
                           — Quaker Valley Resident

          “Raising my teenage granddaughter on just my
          retirement income is always a challenging stretch. 
          I had no idea how costly the high tech calculators               would be; we are both so grateful for the gift card            you provided to help us get ready for the new                    school year.”
— Quaker Valley Resident

           “We would like to thank you for being there for us
            when my husband had his stroke. I don’t know                  how we would have paid for his medication if                      wasn’t for Union Aid.  He is coming along much                  better now because of people like you.”
— Quaker Valley Resident

           “I can’t quite find the appropriate words to express
          the depth of gratitude for your assistance in my                 financial crisis. The financial assistance was greatly           needed, but it is the underlying foundation of hope           that brought strength to me. Thank you for taking               the time to listen and encourage and help.”
— Quaker Valley Resident

          “Since my divorce, life for my children and me has             been a daily financial struggle. Sometimes I simply             can’t find a way to provide the necessities like food,           water, electricity and gas. The Union Aid Society has          helped us immeasurably; there are times when we            couldn’t have made it without your help.  But of all,            thank you, Sherri for the quiet times in your office              when you reached out and talked to me about my              life; I had struggled so long on my own and you                  were the only one who listened."                    
— Quaker Valley Resident